Although Taiwan is a relatively small island, it transits over both subtropical and tropical zones. The terrain is undulate with high mountains to the east and rolling plains to the west. Due to the large altitude span of 4000 meters, the biodiversity is enriched with many different kinds of ecosystems - like estuaries, the ocean, swamps, lakes, streams, farmland and forests (including alpine tundra, alpine arrow bamboo grassland, coniferous forest, warm temperate forest and tropical monsoon forest). More than 150,000 different life species live in these ecosystems, and almost 30% of them are endemic to Taiwan.

Most of the endemic species of birds in Taiwan are distributed in the high mountains. Seventeen endemic species of birds in Taiwan are Taiwan Hill Partridge, Swinhoe's Pheasant, Mikado Pheasant, Taiwan Bulbul, Taiwan Whistling Thrush, Collared Bush Robin, White-whiskered Laughingthrush, Steere's Liocichla, Taiwan Barwing, White-eared Sibia, Taiwan Yuhina, Taiwan Bush Warbler, Flamecrest, Yellow Tit, Taiwan Blue Magpie, Taiwan Hwamei, and Taiwan Barbet. Bird-watching is not only exciting for the chance to see endemic species; visitors will also soon discover the brilliant scenery of the island, a symbol of national pride. In July and August, we can arrange a trip to Matsu Island and watch the Chinese Crested Tern, the Bird of Legend which had disappeared for 60 years.

We have over 10 years of experience organizing birding tours and bird-watching holidays in Taiwan. We operate in small groups and our birding tours are highly customized to your needs. During our trips, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious Taiwanese food and explore the cultural heritages of Taiwan.

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Taiwan Barwing (陳志鴻)   Swinhoe's Pheasant (陳佳恩)   Taiwan Yuhina (陳志鴻)
Taiwan Barbet (陳志鴻)   Malayan Night Heron (陳佳恩)   Chinese Crested Tern (陳登創)
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